Liqueur vs. Liquor

May 21st, 2013 BY splendoradmin

Many people may not know the differences between liquor and liqueur. Especially now, with all of the new flavored liquors available, the line separating liquors from liqueurs becomes blurred.

Liquors are higher in proof and are made from grains and plants and are generally not sweetened after the distillation process. Vodka, gin, rum and whiskey are all examples of liquor. Because of the more aggressive flavor of most liquors they are used as a base in many cocktails with flavoring mixed in to balance the flavor. Liqueurs are lower in proof and are generally made with fruits, herbs and syrups to give them a smoother and sweeter flavor. Because they have a lower alcohol content and a more distinctive taste they are generally served alone without the accompaniment of flavored mixers.

A distinction between WHEN these two types of spirits are consumed can be made as well. While liquors are consumed in a more social capacity, liqueurs are generally enjoyed after a meal as a dessert drink or a digestif.

Figenza fig flavored vodka boasts a balance between the versatility of a liquor and the stand alone flavor of a liqueur. Its distinct yet not overpowering flavor makes it the perfect base for any of your favorite cocktail recipes while its delicate sweetness makes it perfect as a stand alone after dinner drink.

This delicious hybrid of vodka and liqueur is the perfect spirit to balance any cocktail recipe. Figenza’s unique fig flavor makes it stand out among other flavored vodkas and can reinvigorate any classic cocktail recipe.

If you would like to learn more about why Figenza fig flavored vodka is the perfect vodka liqueur to add to your shelf or to learn how Figenza fig flavored vodka can be incorporated into many of your favorite cocktail recipes, please visit our recipe page.


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