Figenza – It’s Alright To Judge This Book By Its Cover

August 4th, 2013 BY splendoradmin

As much as we hate to admit it we are all guilty of breaking one of the oldest rules in the book: “Never judge a book by its cover.” We see an attractive or interesting cover and we’re instantly drawn to it. The fact still remains though that if what’s on the inside is no good we probably won’t finish. The beauty on the inside has to match the beauty on the outside to keep our interest. The same rule applies almost everything else we purchase or consume so it’s no surprise that flavored vodka is no exception.

Figenza fig flavored vodka starts with the finest, freshest and highest quality figs that are hand selected from the Mediterranean. After, they are expertly distilled into a unique and innovative premium vodka using a recipe that took over 12 years to perfect. Finally this delicately sweet and fruity vodka is poured into a beautifully crafted bottle known for its beautiful pink and purple, reverse frosted design with a unique and distinctive fig leaf etching.

This attractive bottle of fig flavored vodka makes it a beautiful aesthetic addition for any venue that strives to have a visible and attractive bottle display behind the bar. Its eye-catching color and design is sure to have customers and cocktail enthusiasts pointing and asking mixologists, “What’s that in that beautiful bottle with the leaf, there?” But Figenza knows not to rely on its looks alone which is why this unique and innovative vodka is expertly crafted with the highest quality of ingredients to produce an unique and delicious premium vodka.

Figenza is gaining popularity with cocktail enthusiasts and mixologists alike. It’s even being coined as the, “Mixologist’s best friend,” because of its growing popularity with consumers and its versatility in enhancing classic cocktail recipes. Even the most avid cocktail enthusiasts have been known to enjoy it on the rocks due to its robust flavor and smooth triple distilled finish.

When it comes to this book, feel free to judge it by its cover. We know you’ll enjoy what’s on the inside.

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