Figenza Fig Flavored Vodka – Versatile & Delicious

August 4th, 2013 BY splendoradmin

When stocking any bar, whether it’s your personal at home collection or at a popular bar, restaurant or lounge, every mixologist knows the importance of having a versatile liquor/liqueur hybrid. You don’t need to have the worlds biggest collection of bottles on your shelf to impress. For a truly memorable cocktail experience any good mixologist will tell you that a good cocktail comes from the quality and versatility of just a few ingredients.

A quality liquor like Figenza fig flavored vodka is the perfect addition to any spirit collection. Its flavor and beautifully crafted bottle are unique enough to make a lasting impression while its sweetness is subtle enough to be mixed and matched to enhance any of your favorite classic cocktail recipes. Figenza’s smooth and fruity finish also make it perfect as an after dinner digestif either on the rocks or as a stand alone drink.

It’s the versatility of Figenza as a cocktail base or stand alone drink that has mixologists raving. After all, what mixologist doesn’t love a crowd pleaser? No matter what a mixologist is making, their focus is always on the quality of the spirt and finding unique, new flavor combinations to distinguish their cocktails from the rest. Figenza fig flavored vodka offers all of these things and more from its enticing aroma and smooth finish to its unique fruity flavor and versatility.

With consumers becoming more passionate and educated about the types of spirits they’re consuming, mixologists have had to raise the bar. Cocktail enthusiasts are no longer content with a classic martini. Drinks with a certain flourish and a good quality ingredients are what keep the educated cocktail drinker coming back for more.

By using the highest quality, hand selected Mediterranean figs, the Behn Family of Eckenforde, Germany, producers of fine spirits since 1892 has spent over 12 years perfecting the recipe for this truly unique and innovative, premium vodka.

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