Summer Cocktails – Unique Flavors

June 19th, 2013 BY splendoradmin

Summertime is in full swing and along with that means barbecuing, pool parties, tiki bars and rooftop get togethers. Of course, none of these would be complete without delicious summer cocktails to enjoy with your friends. Great summer cocktails can transport you to your favorite summertime location with just one fruity, refreshing sip.

Like any other time of year you want your drinks to capture the feeling of the season. In fall we crave spiced cocktail recipes that complement the chill in the air. In winter we like to cozy up to richly flavored cocktail recipes that remind us of the holidays. So in summer, of course, we want summer cocktails that are refreshing, fruity and sweet. Something that captures the fun and lighthearted nature that comes with everything that summertime has to offer. Summer can take you anywhere and move you in any direction. Each day brings something new and refreshing so it’s crucial to have summer cocktails that live up to that standard.

Figenza fig flavored vodka is the perfect addition to your summer cocktail rotation. With its light and sweet flavor it becomes a perfect base for countless summer cocktails. Its distinctive, yet not overpowering, fruity flavor will refresh and satisfy your sweet tooth. Figenza Fig Flavored vodka also has a delicate sweetness that makes it perfect as a stand alone drink on the rocks making it perfect to cool you down on those hot summer days. Your favorite summer cocktails like mojitos and fruity punch recipes can be given a fun and delicious new twist with the unique and fresh flavor of Figenza fig flavored vodka.

To learn more about specific summer cocktails using Figenza fig flavored vodka visit our recipe page. To find a Figenza fig flavored vodka retailer near you to purchase Figenza for all of your summer cocktails visit our website here.


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