Flavored Vodka – Mixology’s Best Friend

October 7th, 2013 BY splendoradmin

As spirits, namely flavored vodkas become more inventive and original the need for skilled mixologists grows. Mixologists and bartenders both have their important roles to play behind the bar. However, it’s the art of mixology that focuses on advancing cocktail culture by finding new and creative ways to create new and exciting flavor combinations using old standbys and new and innovative flavored vodkas.

Mixology is as old as the cocktail itself but has grown in popularity in the past few years due to its mutually beneficial relationship with cocktail culture. As cocktail culture grows in popularity so does mixology and vise versa. Without the growing demand for new and original cocktails mixology would fall flat and without experienced mixologists making it their business to find the liquid combinations that make us want to imbibe, so would cocktail culture as we know it. But with the upwards trend of both it doesn’t look like either is slowing down anytime soon.

Mixologists have grown so much in popularity there are a number of mixology “spin offs” that are developing like Molecular Mixology. The same principals that have been used by chefs for years in the field of molecular gastronomy for food are being adopted by skilled mixologists. By using these techniques they are not only able to create new flavor combinations, but textures, colors, aromas and flashy presentations.

Regardless of the type of bartending or mixology one subscribes to, anyone working behind the bar will agree that finding premium and versatile spirits is key. Having a base liquor that can be mixed with almost anything to yield delicious results is a must and right now there’s no more popular or more versatile liquor than vodka.

Vodkas like Figenza Fig Vodka are a mixologist’s dream come true. Delicious in its own right as a stand alone drink on the rocks it also lends itself perfectly to enhancing the most basic and classic cocktail recipes. Subtle sweetness and distinct flavor make Figenza Fig Vodka a true crowd pleaser – and if the crowd loves it so does the mixologist.

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