Molecular Mixology

September 24th, 2015 BY splendoradmin

To create and design a cocktail worthy of its own name is no easy task. Novice drink mixers, bartenders and mixologists alike have all worked over the years and strived to make that one drink that set them apart from the rest. Eventually, however, basic mixing and shaking was no longer enough to make a splash in the cocktail world and so entered Molecular Mixology. Now, paring the word “molecular” with anything to do with eating or drinking doesn’t exactly invite feelings of confidence in the outcome. However, chefs and mixologists have proven that inviting science into the “kitchen” has groundbreaking, unique and delicious results.

The term “molecular mixology” sounds pretty intimidating but the concept is simple. Molecular mixologists work to understand the behavior of different ingredients in different circumstances. They also know how and when to combine these ingredients to optimize the desired characteristics to create new and unique textures, colors and flavors.

After all any one ingredient contains a number of unique characteristics that will react differently when put into different environments. This is why, while the concept is simple, the actual act of performing this unique form of mixology is a highly precise artform.

Of course when it comes to incorporating science into the art of cocktail making, scientists and mixologist want ingredients that are not only reliable in the way they react but also delicious and unique. Since most of these futuristic cocktails focus around the idea of making cocktails into bite sized morsels, it’s no surprise that drink makers gravitate to ingredients that are strong and recognizable in flavor. Imagine ordering a Figenza Fig Martini and being able to eat it off a spoon and as you chew actually recognizing the distinct flavor of the fig! While it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, these are the types of cocktails that have been made possible as a result of the perseverance and imagination of scientific mixologists.


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