7 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Grownup

November 26th, 2013 BY splendoradmin

Gone are the days of toga parties, living off fast food and caffeine fueled all nighters. While leaving these things behind may make our hearts ache a little for the “good ol days” of college, here’s a list of 7 reasons it’s great to be a grownup.

  1. Free time – Between classes, studying, sports, mountains of laundry and your two degrading, part time minimum wage jobs you always managed to find time to have fun and party. Though, it usually meant sleep wasn’t part of the equation. Now that you’ve got a steady job with regular hours you’ve got ample time to plan fun activities…or just head to the bar!
  2. Disposable income – Now that every spare penny you make at you’re aforementioned part time job isn’t going towards feeding the community washing machine quarters and buying Ramen noodles in bulk, you can start to enjoy some of the finer things in life like…
  3. Actual glassware – While those red plastic cups made drinking games a breeze, that’s about all they were good for. Different glasses are designed for a different purposes and drinks. Each one, used with the proper alcohol, maximises the drinking experience by enhancing, smell, texture and current. So stop drinking martinis out of a plastic cup and invest in and actual Martini Glass!
  4. At home bar – Now that you’ve moved off campus and away from the prying eyes of campus security, you can feel free to flaunt your alcohol and alcohol “paraphernalia”. Make your bar as big and elaborate or as simple and classy as you want. The point is – you can HAVE one!
  5. Loud & Proud – No campus security and a valid ID also mean you can begin to enjoy an active night life, happy hour or public drinking like tailgating or wine festivals.
  6. Quality vs. Quantity – Now that you’ve got the whole disposable income thing down you can afford to experiment with higher quality alcohols. You and your friends don’t have to pool your money just to buy a gallon bottle of $10 vodka that could strip the paint off a car. Walk tall into your local liquor store and buy that $30 bottle of fancy Fig Flavored Vodka. You deserve it – and so do your taste buds.
  7. Variety is the spice of life – Now that you don’t just have to drink whatever you can get your greedy little hands on you’ll discover there’s an entire world of different alcoholic beverages out there to sample from. Always hated beer but drank it because it was the only thing there? Now you can move upward and onward and find what really works for you.

Figenza Vodka and Carriage House do not support underage drinking and encourages only the legal consumption of alcohol. Please always drink responsibly. To find a bar, restaurant or retailer that carries Figenza Fig Flavored Vodka please visit our website here.


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